Why should you care?

Only citizens staying involved will protect our future. The AgTEC Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan as adopted is very dangerous for our treasured 4-story building height limit and for our fiscally critical urban boundary. It sets a dangerous precedent, meeting state requirements through using Port St. Lucie urban sprawl, utilities and roads with the job benefit to go to Port St. Lucie residents too. It sets the stage for annexation of Port St. Lucie into Martin County tried in 1998 to help Port St. Lucie’s economic straits – their debt is over 1 billion dollars now. It’s important to attend one of the citizen input meetings, and email or write the Commissioners. 

The big issues are our 4-story building height limit on the 200,000 acres outside the urban boundary and what kind of development should be allowed. Under current rules, even if all rural lands were developed into 20 acre lots, it would only add be 8000 – 9000 lots. The urban boundary prevented us from having to fund very costly infrastructure to sprawl, leap-frog urban areas.

Allowing costly sprawl development is not a better alternative for the future. Allowing industrial parks tied to Port St. Lucie’s sprawl is not a better alternative for the future.

The AgTEC amendment to the Comp Plan will change our rules to become more like Port St. Lucie.

The Commission majority is trying to convince you that what has protected our Martin County difference should now be abandoned. They look to the developers’ consultants to legitimize the changes and tell us to replace 20 acre lots with more density and more development options.