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What can you do about AgTEC?

On 8/30/2011, the county staff recommended consideration of correcting the various spellings of "AgTEC/AgTech/I-95 AgTEC" within the AgTEC Comprehensive Plan Amendment.  However the Commissioners expanded the staff proposal which was approved by all Commissioners EXCEPT Commissioner Smith   -- 

ACTION TAKEN: The Board adopted the resolution to initiate a CPA amendment to correct typographical errors in the CGMP. The Board directed staff to add a note regarding the four story height limit and that AGTEC is sight specific changes to Sunrise Grove.

The developer (King Ranch) and the county staff testified under oath during the legal challenge that the AgTEC Amendment had “typos” regarding important issues.

-->  Fix the "typos".  Change "AgTech" and "I-95 AgTEC" to the one spelling of "AgTEC".  This is critical to have the four-story height limit apply to the land use called "AgTEC".  South Florida has seen too many "typos" that became loopholes.

-->  The "King Ranch" amendments are supposed to apply to only one property.  The amendment should specifically name Sunrise Groves as the only project the amendment pertains to.  Otherwise this could be used on other proposals for towns outside the urban boundary line. 

The urban boundary has proven its value. Martin County has lower unemployment, fewer foreclosures, less debt, lower taxes, higher wages, and better school than other Treasure Coast counties. 

Write to your commissioners and the newspaper and include a reference to the AgTEC Amendment in your letter.  Commissioners Ciampi, Hayes, and Smith voted for the AgTEC.  They need to be reminded that voters demand they do the right thing.  The AgTEC proposal is not right for Martin County.  

     Send a letter to:   Commissioners Ciampi, Hayes, Smith; 2401 SE Monterey Rd, Stuart, FL 34996 
     Send an email to: eciampi@martin.fl.us, phayes@martin.fl.us, dsmith@martin.fl.us

SAMPLE LETTER to the Martin County Commission: 

I object to the Martin County Comp Plan “AgTEC” Amendment which creates a new, unwanted AgTEC land use that violates the 40 foot building height limit and creates the dangerous precedent of connecting our development to Port St. Lucie sprawl rules and creating jobs for Port St. Lucie at Martin County taxpayer expense.

Martin County’s Comp Plan is proving its value with lower foreclosures, less unemployment and higher wages and lower debt & taxes from Port St. Lucie. We do not want Port St. Lucie rules spilling over into Martin County communities.

Rescind this amendment or, at the least, fix the "typos" and make the amendment apply only to Sunrise Groves.

Citizen involvement is critical to get the Commission majority to do the right thing! 

AgTEC letter:  Click here to open a PDF letter which you can print, sign and send to the Board of County Commissioners.

Thank you!