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AgTEC missing 40 foot height limit.

As they say, "the devil is in the details"....

How our 40 foot building height limit was placed on the chopping block:


In 2009 the Martin County Commission Majority adopted a rewrite of the Comprehensive Plan -- most, if not all, of that rewrite will become the new Comp Plan soon.   The rewrite, Ordinance 845,  removed the overall "blanket building height limit of 40 feet" and other development standards by removing Section 4.5 and 4.6.  This was done as a result of the Future Group's proposed changes.


However, after a public outcry, the rewrite was amended to insert building height limits as part of each separate Land Use.    ORD 845  contains a 40 feet (or 30 ft.) high limit for each land use, such as: 

Buildings in Agricultural developments shall be no more than 40 feet in height.  Policy 4.13A.1.  pg. 104-105 of 157   

All Agricultural Ranchette development shall have a maximum building height of 40 feet... Policy 4.13A.3.      pg. 107 of 157  

All Rural development shall have a maximum building height of 40 feet... Policy 4.13A.5.      pg. 107 of 157   

All Residential Estate density development (one unit per acre shall have a maximum building height of 40 feet

...Policy 4.13A.7. pg. 108 of 157 

  • By contrast, there is NO building height requirement for "All AgTEC development."    
  • The sole building height limit in the AgTEC Ordinance is restricted to / limited to  "Development within the I-95 AgTEC."   Note that this reference to a supposed land use called "I-95 AgTEC"  is never defined or even specified.  
  • RESULT:  No building height limit is set for the general AgTEC Land Use.