What can you do about AgTEC?

Write to your commissioners and the newspaper and include a reference to the AgTEC Amendment in your letter.

Send a letter to:   Commissioners Ciampi, Hayes, Smith; 2401 SE Monterey Rd, Stuart, FL 34996 
Send an email to: eciampi@martin.fl.us, phayes@martin.fl.us, dsmith@martin.fl.us

SAMPLE LETTER to the Martin County Commission: 

I object to the Martin County Comp Plan “AgTEC” Amendment which creates a new, unwanted AgTEC land use that violates the 4-story building height limit and creates the dangerous precedent of connecting our development to Port St. Lucie sprawl rules and creating jobs for Port St. Lucie at Martin County taxpayer expense.

Martin County’s Comp Plan is proving its value with lower foreclosures, less unemployment and higher wages and lower debt & taxes from Port St. Lucie. We do not want Port St. Lucie rules spilling over into Martin County communities.

Rescind this amendment. You have done it before. Use the legal challenge to do the right thing for MARTIN COUNTY and stop favoring Port St. Lucie.

Each of the Commissioners claims to support the 4-Story Building Height Limits. The hearing presentations did not tell them that the new AgTEC Land Use failed to include the height limit.  

The Commissioners have never said they were willing to convert parts of Martin County to Port St. Lucie sprawl. The hearing presentations did not remind them of the annexation concerns

After all we are a democracy - so powerful special interests should not push citizens around and make us do things we don't want to do. 

There are endless ways you can get involved : 
Watch MCTV. 
  • Go to the meetings. Tell them what you think. 
  • Talk to your neighbors. Ask them if they want to preserve the 4 Story height limit and the Martin County difference. 
  • Write letters to the editor. Stuart News or Palm Beach Post 
  • Email your commissioners.  This email goes to all of them:   commissioners@martin.fl.us 
  • Coin bumper stickers. 
  • Give us your ideas. 
  • Make noise!