Historical Vision Report from 1999

We thought you might be interested to see what residents envisioned for Martin County back in 1999.  The elements of their visioning process are the same as our vision is today, over a decade later.  You can read the report by clicking here.

The primary elements were:
  • Preserve wetlands and critical uplands
  • Preserve and strengthen agriculture
  • Contain development through the Urban Services Boundary (USB)
  • Create livable communities within the USB with:
    • Vibrant city, town and village centers that serve surrounding neighborhoods
    • Strong neighborhoods
    • Extensive system of local streets, sidewalks and bikeways
    • Strategically located, high-quality schools, libraries, post offices and other public buildings
    • Extensive system of parks, greenways and open spaces
    • Strong development standards, re: density, height, aesthetics