Development applications

Bridgewater Ventures – located in the agricultural land west of the turnpike near the Palm Beach County line.  It moves the urban boundary and increases density on environmentally sensitive land. 

Canopus  Sound – located in the agricultural land south of Bridge Road, east of the Turnpike, and far outside of the urban boundary.  It adds density outside the urban boundary and clusters a village area along Bridge Road.   This will block sheet flow in an environmentally sensitive area.

Hobe Sound Polo Club/Groves 14 – located in the agricultural land north of Bridge Road.  It increases density in the rural/agricultural area and proposes clustering units along Bridge Road, creating a suburban growth pattern which blocks sheet flow and affects the rivers. 

THE STAKES ARE VERY HIGH and will determine the integrity of our urban boundary. The amendments move the urban boundary and taxpayers will have to pay for required new infrastructure. 

The Amendments will set a precedent for the future.  The developers of Hobe Grove and Harmony want to add towns west of our current urban boundary.

The Urban Boundary is the line in the sand to prevent costly urban sprawl like what happened in the rest of South Florida where communities lost their quality of life, their neighborhood and environmental protections. 

The importance of the Martin County urban boundary was confirmed at a recent Joint Meeting between the City of Stuart and the Town of Jupiter Island. The Urban Boundary was identified as the cornerstone for:
- Steering growth where urban services and facilities, water and sewer, already exist or are planned. 
- Fiscal responsibility that uses facilities we already have, rather than building more.  

Please contact your Commissioners now to tell them NO on these 3 developments that will erode a cornerstone of the protections of our county difference.  Commissioner Patrick Hayes recently stated in his Stuart News letter that the urban boundary is the cornerstone of the Comp Plan…I have never voted to move the urban service boundary.”  Let's thank him and urge him to live up to his statement.