JOIN US  -  Thursday Jan 22, 2015

Martin County Conservation Alliance - Meeting Jan. 22,  6:30 at Morgade Library.

Speaker from St. John's Riverkeeper - Information and Issues about St. John's that affect or educate us.


Three Things We Need to Do RIGHT NOW!

1. Email Gov. Rick Scott and ASK HIM TO EXERCISE THE us Sugar Option on the 46,000 acres south of the Lake.


2. Go to the Senate web site on Amendment 1 and tell them the VERY TOP PRIORITY is to exercise the option on the 46,000 acre US Sugar parcel.

3. Plan to go to the workshop on CERP priorities Jan 26 and Feb 2 at the SFWMD in West Palm. 3301 Gun Club Rd., West Palm Beach, Fl.  -- The Alliance can work out car pooling if any of you need rides.  Tell them the top three priorities must be: 

· Buy the US Sugar parcel
· Get CEPP authorized
· Finish buying land for authorized CERP projects – like the Indian River Lagoon-South project which was the FIRST component of CERP with an approved plan. 


MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  The 2015 Growth Management Forum will be March 7, from 1 - 4pm at the Morgade LIbrary.


The Martin County Conservation Alliance website seeks to inform residents about  development projects and Comprehensive Plan amendments which threaten our special Martin County quality of life.  We invite the public to attend our monthly meetings.  Please see our meetings page.
Please become a member of the Martin County Conservation Alliance and stand with us. The state has severely weakened the Growth Management Act, so we must join together and act locally.  It is our best hope of preserving our Martin County difference. 
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